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Why Water Purification is a Must for Healthy Living

Why Water Purification is Necessary for Healthy Living
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Healthy, distilled and purified water is a prime necessity for sustained life. Approximately 70% of your body weight comprises of water content, making it one of the ultimate requirements for important systemic functions and metabolism. Water makes up about two-thirds of the earth’s surface. In spite of this large spread, there is only a small percentage of water that can be approved for safe and healthy drinking.
The water that you drink today is partly contaminated with organic and inorganic chemicals and partly infested with bacteria that are hazardous for you to thrive. Spring and well water were once believed to be two of the primary fresh sources that were commendable for drinking purposes. However, with the advent of factories and the increase in industrial waste products, spring and bored water too, have now been exposed to underground contaminants such as lead, arsenic, and phthalates.
In order to prevent environmental and health hazards of drinking impure water, there arose a necessity to seek water purification methods for a healthy lifestyle. Mentioned below are some reasons why distillation and water purification is necessary for healthy living.


What is Water Purification and Why is it Important

Why Water Purification is Necessary for Healthy Living

Water purification is the process whereby, toxic chemicals, unwanted substances, contaminated particles and gases, are removed from water. The reason why water purification is done is to produce water that can the used for specific purposes. Water purification is mainly done for human consumption. It is usually treated, disinfected and used as drinking water.

However, water purification can also be done for other purposes, such as medical, pharmacological, chemical, and industrial uses.


Why Water Purification is Necessary for Healthy Living


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1. Healthier Alternative to Chloride and Fluoride Treated Water

Chlorine is a chemical that is usually added in swimming pools and other household products such as detergents, bleach, refrigerants, and pesticides. Since chlorine is avidly used in industries, it is also present in sewerage water which can somehow find its way in freshly minted spring water as well. Distilled water, however, is appropriate for drinking purposes as it undergoes a thorough water purification process in order to prevent your household from the ingestion of chemicals.


2. Elimination of Contaminants

Water from wells and underground springs might seem pretty safe to drink. However, due to the accumulation of industrial chemicals in water, underground water is comparatively more hazardous to your health than salt water. Chemicals such as lead are toxic to health since it can stunt growth and cause lead-poisoning or learning disabilities in children. Water filtration, however, helps to filter out contaminants such as lead and arsenic from your water, therefore, making it healthier and optimum for drinking purposes.


3. Beneficial for the Environment

Approximately billions are spent in the manufacture of plastic water bottles every year. In 2017 alone, sources reported the usage of 50 billion plastic bottles which involved more expenditure of energy. By consuming water from plastic water bottles, we are not only causing distress to our marine life but also taking up more landfill space. Water purification allows you to lower your carbon footprint, and contribute to the environment on a daily basis.


4. Prevention from Skin Conditions

Chlorine, fluorine, and arsenic might lead to aggravation of certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, in addition to childhood birth defects and asthma. Apart from skin conditions, industrial chemicals have been known to play a major role in the aggravation of cancer such as skin cancer, breast cancer, and rectal cancer. By pursuing an authentic water filtration system, you’re not only preventing your household from developing various anomalies, but also protecting them from the hazards of fatal diseases such as cancer.

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5. Improved Taste and Convenience

Why Water Purification is Necessary for Healthy Living

Impure tap water tends to have a metallic taste due to the accumulation of industrial chemicals in it. As a result, households tend to boil water before using it for drinking and other chores. However, most households resort to drinking tap water directly, therefore, exposing their children to various health risks. In order to avoid health hazards, installing a water purification system is quite a convenient option that gives an improved taste and flavor to drinking water.


6. Elimination of Plumbing Contaminants

Older homes tend to have rusty and corroded pipelines which can contaminate your water supply. While you’re blaming the municipality for the metallic taste in your drinking water, there is a possibility that the impure flavor is due to the accumulation of copper in your water supply. Water purification, therefore, helps to eradicate plumbing contaminants, therefore, allowing you to change your pipeline system according to your ease and affordability.


7. Elimination of Bacteria

Impure water can be a host to several water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery. Vibrio cholerae, for instance, causes cholera, a form of life-threatening diarrhea that leads to poor retention of water and low levels of electrolytes in the body due to several episodes of rice-water stools. In order to prevent such diseases, water purification is a healthier and convenient alternative to boiling water for drinking purposes.


8. Cost Effectiveness

Having a personal water purification system within the comfort of your home can reduce the amount you spend in buying water bottles from the market, annually. Water filtration systems span from a range of $300 – $500 annually, which is approximately half the price spent to purchase distilled water bottles. In order to ensure a healthier lifestyle, you can change your water filter as per your requirements since it is cheaper and easier to change, anyway.

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Since plumbing chemicals aren’t limited to your pipelines, it can also corrode and subsequently affect the mechanisms of your kitchen appliances. A water purification system also helps to contribute to your annual savings by lowering the costs incurred on maintenance of plumbing and kitchen appliances.


9. Water Softener

Since purified water contains lesser contaminants as opposed to impure tap water, it can, therefore, replace soap when taking a shower, and act as a water softener for clothes as well. Contrary to popular belief, hard water tends to minimize the rinsing properties of a soap by preventing the ionic reactions to take place. By using purified water, you can wash your dishes properly and more rapidly due to maximum rinsing control.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, having a water purification system at home will always help to ensure safety from a water-borne endemic in your vicinity. By protecting your household with an optimum water purification system, you can also contribute to the society by prioritizing their health and spending the saved money on various other necessities.

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