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9 Ways to Reduce the Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety Now

Ways to reduce stress
Written by Collins Nwokolo

They say too much of anything is poisonous. Stress isn’t an entirely bad thing and when in small dosages it can go a long way to helping you meet deadlines while performing under pressure. However, too much stress or rather chronic stress could have detrimental effects on both your mind and body.

In a simple way, stress can be defined as your body’s reaction to any sort of threat or ultimatum. Stress, stress levels, and the causes vary from person to person. In our world today, some of the major stress triggers are death, divorce/separation, unemployment and the most common of all are our financial problems.

According to Live Science, rich countries recorded a higher percentage of stressed persons when compared to the poorest of countries. These findings were as a result of a more fast-paced life where there is just so much to do. In first-world countries, there are more expectations as compared to poor countries. As such, there might be probably too much on your plate.

Causes of stress that can harm your health

At times, it’s not difficult to tell apart someone who is stressed someone who isn’t. Some major signs and symptoms of stress are high irritability levels, negligence of responsibilities, isolation, and over-indulgence in alcohol. Whenever you notice such, it is always noble to try and help that person out before things get out of hand.

In our article today, we will look at some nine ways of reducing the symptoms of stress as well as anxiety. Below are the nine ways of reducing stress and anxiety:

9 Ways to Reduce the Symptoms of Stress and Anxiety Now

  • Reducing your caffeine intake
  • Spending more time with friends and family
  • Exercise; YOGA
  • CBD
  • Listening to some soothing music
  • Learning how to avoid procrastination
  • Lighting a candle
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Cuddling.
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Having listed the nine ways of reducing stress and anxiety let us expound on each.

1. Reducing your caffeine intake

What caffeine does to your body is to increase your alertness and can at times lead to increased anxiety and agitation as well. You’ll realize how a caffeinated person will tend to be all over the place and overly alert. Reducing your caffeine intake will result in reduced anxiety. Again, it is good to note that too much of something is poisonous. Caffeine, when taken in moderation is quite healthy.

2. Spending more time with friends and family

Having noted that isolation is one major sign of stress, spending more time with friends and family will immensely reduce your stress levels as well as anxiety. The social support accorded to a stressed person will get them through that stressful situation.

When spending time with friends and family, you get to laugh and have lots of fun. With laughter, you get to relieve stress and tension as well. There are lots of fun activities that you can do together with your family and friends. Watching funny TV shows will come in handy when it comes to stress and anxiety reduction. There is more to life than just worrying.

3. Exercise; YOGA

Exercising is probably one of the best ways to reduce stress. When straining your physical body, you get to relieve mental pressure. Here, you get to kill two birds with one stone as you will be in shape while at the same time reducing your stress levels.

YOGA has for a long time been used as a stress reliever. It is a mind-body exercise that will help you greatly lower your heart rate while lowering your blood pressure. The reason why yoga is a great stress reliever is that it will promote the relaxation of your body. Yoga’s main aim is to help one to be calm, balanced and relaxed.

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4. CBD

Having been discovered in the 1940s, CBD (Cannabidiol) has got an array of uses. From relieving arthritic pain to relieving/ reducing stress. There are a lot of studies that show how CBD reduces stress and anxiety levels by working on your endocannabinoid system.

CBD works by regulating the rate at which your brain responds to stress signals while at the same time maintaining the cortisol levels in your body.

You should always for the reputable retailers of CBD in the US and its territories will get you sorted whenever you want to reduce stress and anxiety.

Alternatively, you can go for Diamond Concentrates. They also similar effects as CBD and are beneficial as well. You can learn more about Diamond Concentrates before you purchase.

5. Listening to some soothing music

Music is food for the soul. Most people when feeling low or hyped will listen to music. When stressed, listening to some soothing music will reduce stress levels as its slow paced. Classical instrumental music can reduce blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

6. Learning how to avoid procrastination

With procrastination, you can be sure that your anxiety levels will always hit the ceiling. You will hear people who [procrastinate say that they are stressed up. Procrastination means that you will be doing things in a hurry and hence experiencing anxiety and stress is almost inevitable. Avoiding procrastination is a sure way of reducing stress and anxiety. A life free of procrastination is a life free of stress and anxiety.

7. Lighting a candle

Burning a scented candle can help you reduce stress levels and anxiety. Aromatherapy is the word. With scented candles, you can change your moods greatly. Lavender, Neroli, and rose are some of the most calming scents.

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8. Practicing mindfulness

With mindfulness, you get to live in the present. Mindfulness lets you accept the current situation that you are in.

Practicing mindfulness is very therapeutic especially when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety.

Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy is one of the methods that you can use to increase mindfulness.

9. Cuddling

Just like kissing and hugging, cuddling is one sure way through which you can reduce stress and anxiety. Cuddling helps lower your heart rate. Positive physical contact itself will result in the production of oxytocin which is a natural stress reliever.  Sex too can immensely reduce stress levels. Read here for more info on why and how cuddling is such a great stress reliever.

Ways to reduce stress

Stress can be detrimental to your health. It reduces your immune system leaving you susceptible to numerous diseases. With stress, you even experience skin conditions and worse even; heart problems. For as long as we are under the sun, stress will always be a part of us. However, we don’t have to needlessly die out of it as it is a situation that can be contained. With the above ways of reducing stress, you can now live a happier life without too much worrying.

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