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5 Efficient Ways To Overcome Your Internet Addiction

Ways to overcome the internet addiction
Written by Collins Nwokolo

 5 Efficient ways to overcome addiction.

Ways to overcome the internet addiction

In this post we are going to show you ways to overcome internet addiction. Internet addiction is a pretty common issue among people these days. Not only young people but even older ones spend countless hours using social media sites and mobile messengers.
If you are addicted to internet, it is not your fault. There is science involved behind this. The human brain and human nature is involved behind this, and there are many other aspects.
In this post, we have considered all those aspects and scientific reasons, and after considering them only, we are writing this post which will help you to overcome your Internet addiction.
So Let us start the discussion.
Before, we talk about How you can overcome Internet addiction. Let us first check the reasons which are making you addictive to the Internet through this little infographic.


Ways to overcome the internet addiction

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there can be countless other reasons which can make you addictive to the internet.
But wait
You are not reading this post to check out the reasons for addiction to the Internet. You were searching for solutions. So now we will talk 5 kickass methods which can help you to overcome this internet addiction
(If you are thinking of closing this tab and your mind is continuously telling you to open Facebook, Twitter or any of your other social media website then seriously you are so addicted to the Internet, and this addiction is taking over your mind).


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5 Super Working Ways to Overcome your Internet addiction

ways to overcome the internet addiction


1. Find out the websites you are always visiting:

Figuring out that to which sites you are most addictive currently is the first thing you need to do.  Just stop here, take a pen and notebook and pen down all those sites where you are spending a majority of your time. Make a list of all these websites and deactivate your accounts from there. Come on! Even if you quit your favorite social network, it does not matter much to you. Train your mind to delete your account from these networks and be the master of your brain yourself. It will work.


2. Take extreme measures to stop the addiction:

Does even after closing/deactivating your accounts you have the urge to check Facebook, Instagram, etc. Maybe they are calling you Loudly to waste your time. (If they are, then again I say, this addiction has taken over your mind and body )

This is a free to download tool which can help you block all these sites. You need to Block all of them for next 2-3 weeks, and I am hell sure this will work for the majority of you people.
Once you block sites with it, you cannot uninstall it from your PC, and it will help you overcome this addiction easily.


3. Talk to someone about your addiction

Pouring out your internet  addiction problem to someone can help you overcome internet addiction. It may be possible that you are a techie and you somehow figured out a way to overcome Cold turkey (It is not easy though). If you have really found some method to overcome Cold turkey and you are again back to your favourite social media, then you just need to stand up and go towards your parent’s room and describe them about this addiction. Pour out your heart to them and listen to their suggestions. Having external factors stopping you from using the internet is a good way to overcome internet addiction.

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4. Find the root of the internet addiction and cut it:

If discussing with your parents is not possible, or you are a parent who is addicted to the Internet you just need to get your internet connection disconnected. This could be the cause of the internet addiction. Take out your sim and throw it. Or either cut the wire of your router.
This will at least keep you away from the Internet for 1-2 days, and  I am sure If you even remain away from the Internet for 1-2 days you will overcome half of this problem.
This is because when you remain away from the Internet for 1-2 days, you will get a sense of pleasure and achievement which will help you further to overcome Internet addiction.


5. Involve yourself in offline activities:

If method 1-4 does not work for you, it means you need to go out of your home and involve in any offline activity. It can be going to a gym or playing Badminton in the park with your friends.
You need to spend time out with your friends and loved ones. This will really help you to improve your social health and combat internet addiction.
Especially joining gym helps a lot because you get tired easily (especially in first two weeks) after working out at a gym and when you return home you are tired that you even think of anything else and just go to bed directly.
Hence this will also keep you away from the Internet.

I am sure all these 5 points will work for you, and If they do not work you need to read and consider them again. They are also some essential health tips for smartphone users to follow so that they leave a healthy life too.
Do Understand the value of time and money. It’s your life, and you need to live it wisely.
Wishing you a healthy and happy life.

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The article is penned down by Sahil Sharma who is a science student. Sahil is also a fitness freak and has good knowledge on Yoga, Meditation etc.

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  • I completely agree with you in the thought that social media addiction is similar to drug addiction.It is very difficult to stop the social media usage if we are addicted to it.Though we decide to limit the internet usage we usually end up using it for a long time.I think this addiction should be reduced step by step as you have suggested.I will definitely try your tips to reduce my social media usage and will suggest it to my friends if I succeed. I too have a small suggestion .Find out the time of the day in which you spend in internet for the most.During this time engage in other activities so as to divert your minds.I think this tip will work.

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