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5 Best Ways to Deal with Insomnia Naturally

ways to deal with insomnia naturally
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Best Ways to Deal with Insomnia Naturally

Do you find yourself lying awake on your bed with no sleep in sight? No matter how tired you are, you are still not able to get a full night of sleep. Or you find it hard to go back to sleep all night long even after a slight disturbance wakes you up in the middle of the night. Individuals who find it hard to sleep or go back to sleep are generally suffering from insomnia. Insomnia is one of the most common sleeping disorders people suffer from. If such sleep issues persist for three or more months, you may have the insomnia disorder.
Insomnia is diagnosed through such symptoms of lack of sleep in addition to symptoms occurring in the daytime; such as the feeling of tiredness throughout the day, display of irritability or depression and issues with concentration and memory. Causes for short-term insomnia can generally be attributed to stress or any recent traumatic event; while causes for chronic insomnia disorder could range from physical ailments such as arthritis or back pain to psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Insomnia is a typical problem with millions around the world dealing with it on a daily basis due to varied reasons. Though most people tend to believe it is not treatable, simple tips can help you towards that goal. Getting help is necessary if the issue persists, but the first step is to realize your condition and working on it with the natural  remedies mentioned below. Below are 5 best ways to deal with insomnia naturally.

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5 Best Ways to Deal with Insomnia Naturally

ways to deal with insomnia naturally

1. Avoid drinking caffeine products at night

This should come as no surprise because caffeine in your system will only add to your sleepless nights. Cut down on your caffeine intake by limiting your cups of coffees to be taken before 12 pm. Caffeine takes time to leave your system completely and restricting the consumption of that energizing cup at the beginning of your day will help you sleep better.

As an alternative to your favorite post dining beverage, you can drink a soothing cup of tea before going to bed. But make sure to drink tea without caffeine like chamomile tea; green tea has caffeine in it, hence would be no better than coffee for your sleep. Teas like chamomile tea are made specially to facilitate a soothing effect which in turn leads to a good night’s sleep.

2. Create and maintain a sleep pattern

One of the most influential factors in today’s world for insomnia is our irregular sleep schedules. Hence, following the same pattern of sleep will make it easier for the mind to prepare for falling asleep every night. Decide a specific time to sleep and one to get up in the morning; this will lead to your body and mind getting used to a regular sleep cycle and you will find yourself automatically feeling sleepy at the time. It may take time to start following it but will prove very beneficial to treat your insomnia.


3. Say no to cigarettes and binge drinking

Cigarettes are a stimulant, which means their consumption will keep you more awake than you would normally be. Basically, the nicotine present in the cigarettes is a stimulant and leads to insomnia; even more than coffee as it tends to remain longer in your system. Hence, this clubbed with the danger of cancer makes an easy case in favour of quitting the habit of smoking, for good.
Also, studies have found binge drinking to be inducing sleep disorders in people. So, avoid binge drinking which can also severely affect your insomnia and keep you away from a good night’s sleep.

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4. Make your environment sleep friendly

A good sleeping environment is extremely effective in battling insomnia. It begins with limiting any food intake to before 8 pm so that your body has had time to digest the food and is ready to relax and sleep. This also means refraining from those late night cravings and the frequent trips to the fridge for a quick snack. In addition to this, having dim lighting as you near your sleep time and having a comfortable and clutter free bed and surrounding area is a step further in making your environment sleep-friendly. Lastly, pick a soothing activity to relax and unwind like listening to good music, reading a book, taking a bubble bath or taking evening yoga classes.


5. CBD oil

Another option that has been an addition in the recent years is CBD oil. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a chemical compound that’s found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis has been used medicinally for many years now, and CBD, in particular, is the component which is used in cases of sleep disorders, anxiety and for pain management assistance; this is without the high that is associated with ingesting marijuana. CBD can reduce anxiety which in turn facilitates better sleep in cases of insomnia. There is intensive research backing CBD’s ability to help in cases of pain, sleep deprivation, depression, and epilepsy. Consulting with a physician is always advised before taking CBD, although small doses such as 10 mg are usually consumed when dealing with insomnia.

These are major tips among many other ways to deal with insomnia naturally; hence you should never see it as an untreatable condition. Following these steps will surely give you the good night’s sleep you have been yearning for and will make you a healthier and happier person.

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