Top 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2023

Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2019
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There are lots of professions that are deemed to grow in 2023, but we are more excited about the healthcare sector. If you are currently in school and you desire for a career in the medical field, then you need to read this post on the top 10 highest paying health care professions in 2023.

There is no inch of a doubt that the healthcare industry is one of the most lucrative and fastest growing careers in the world. That’s why many people even want to learn how to start a home healthcare business.

We are currently seeing lots of rapid growth in this profession. One of the major reasons for that is due to the ever-changing technology, and certain healthcare professions are going to cease to exist in the year 2023.

There will be a growing demand for top medical professionals in the next year. This includes even those who do not own a doctoral degree.

The problem is, with so many different healthcare professions to choose from it would become very challenging for individuals to select the best healthcare professions in 2023.

Let us not forget that money would also play a critical role in that respect. After all, everyone wants a job that can sustain them and guarantee them a comfortable life.

If you are worried about choosing the highest paying medical profession in 2023, we have good news for you.

We are going to resolve this problem by looking at the top highest paying healthcare professions in 2023 in this in-depth and highly beneficial article.

But, before we delve into that detail, it is important to think about the things that we are going to see shortly. The professions would require intense studying and extensive training. Being aware of these professions will help you prepare well for what is in store for the future.

Today is the day to take the stock and prepare for the healthcare professions that are going to be a reality shortly.

As promised now, let us look at the top highest paying healthcare professions in the year 2023:

Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2019

Top 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2023

1. Cardiologist

This noble profession will require you to hold a patient’s heart in your hands, literally.

It has been estimated that doctors who practice protruding cardiology earn on an average base salary of roughly $ 393,000 per year in 2018.

If you are someone who loves to treat hearts, then cardiology can be a very high earning career.

The role of a cardiologist is to access the heart function and cardiovascular health with the help of blood flow, blood pressure, and other health indicators. They need to run diagnostic tests, perform procedures and prescribe medication to enhance the heart condition of the patient.

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This profession requires specialists that need to work with patients who are in the advanced stages of health failure or those with a ruptured heart valve requiring repair, inserting peacemakers and performing heart bypass operations.

If you want to become a cardiologist, you need to complete a cardiology fellowship, which lasts for another three years.

Average annual salary of a cardiologist in 2023:  $393,000.

Specialty: Heart health, Heart transplant, and surgery.

2. Orthopedic Surgeon

Do you know that orthopedic surgeons will be amongst the highest paying healthcare professions in the year 2023? It has been estimated that orthopedic surgeons earn an annual salary of $324,000.

The orthopedic surgeons work on the bones, musculoskeletal system, spine, and related structures. They treat patients that suffer from any form of the traumatic condition like congenital conditions, cancer, degenerative diseases, and infections.

There are different subspecialties under orthopedic surgery like procedures on hand or foot and ankle.

These doctors focus on treating conditions like cancer (oncology) or sports injuries (sports medicine).

They replace damaged joints and set broken bones, repair injured tendons and surgically get rid of tumors.

Average annual salary of an orthopedic surgeon in 2023: $324,000.

Specialty: Surgical procedures on the musculoskeletal system, bones, and related structures.

Top 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2019

Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2023

3. Urologist

A urologist is medical professionals who specialize in treating diseases of the urinary tract in both males and females.
It has been estimated that urologists earn a base salary of approximately $300,000 on a yearly basis.

The role of a urologist is to check the health of the urinary tract of males and females. They even diagnose the problems with the reproductive system of male patients.

There are a wide array of organs that fall under their purview: bladder, prostate, urethra, male genitals and kidney. They use surgery as a resort to treat conditions like urinary tract and bladder infections, incontinence in seniors, adults or in children , kidney stones, difficulty while urinating, enlarged prostate and male infertility.

Average annual salary of an urologist: $300,000.

Specialty: Urinary tract.

4. Gastroenterologist

Gastroenterologists specialize in treating the disorders in the digestive system of their patients.

The gastroenterologist earns a base salary of USD 248,000 on an annual basis.

This is also going to be one of the highest paying healthcare professions in the new year. The role of gastroenterologists is to treat the different parts of the digestive system of the patient.

This includes esophagus, stomach, bowels, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and others within the abdominal cavity.

It isn’t surprising to know. A gastroenterologist focuses on providing diagnosis and treatment of diarrhea, acid reflux, ulcers, pain and heartburn.

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They even help in prevent and diagnose cancers of digestive organs like esophageal and colon cancer.

Average annual salary of an gastroenterologist in 2023: $268,000.

Specialty: Digestive health.

5. Otolaryngology

Otolaryngologists are medical professionals who specialize in medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and other related structures of the head and neck. They are also called ENT doctors. It will become one of the most demanding healthcare professions in the year 2023.

They will specialize in providing treatment for ear, nose and throat ailments. It has been estimated that this healthcare profession will receive a major boost of 14% yearly growth in the year 2021 with an average annual salary of approximately $230,000 USD.

In addition to this, they may even prescribe specialized appliances that will assist patients that are suffering from ear, nose or throat disorders.

Average annual salary of an otolaryngologist in 2023:  $250,000.

Specialty: Ear, nose, and throat.

6. Dermatologist

The skin is the largest organ of a human body. Hence, it is not surprising to see it in the top ten highest paying healthcare professions in the year 2023
Dermatologists diagnose and treat skin ailments of all kinds like acne and cancer.

They even perform routine skin examinations to look out for signs of melanoma or other forms of cancer, biopsies on unusual skin conditions and alterations.

It has been estimated that the annual salary of dermatologists is approximately $203,000.

Did you know? Certain dermatologists perform cosmetic surgeries from laser surgery to liposuction, chemical peels, excisions of unwanted skin conditions and injections of dermal fillers like Botox.

Average annual salary of a dermatologist in 2023: $223,000.

Specialty: Skin health.

7. Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine profession deals with the specialty of dealing with stabilizing patients during emergencies.

It has been estimated that the specialists in the field of emergency medicine earn approximately $184,000 annually.

Focus on this part: These emergency medicine specialists need to act in a hurry as in a moment of time a patient’s life can become critical.

They work in both emergency departments and pre-hospital settings to treat acute diseases and severe injuries.

It requires quick decision-making and impromptu action to save the lives of emergency patients not to forget a strong background in clinical and technical skills in the medical field.

Average annual salary of an emergency medicine specialist in 2023: $214,000.

Specialty: Emergency care.

8. Oncologist

Oncologists are a branch of medical professionals that specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

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It has been estimated that an oncologist earns approximately $180,000 on annually.

Cancer has been one of the major health challenge facing many the world today.

People who go on to become oncologist study oncology.  Oncology has three main fields of study: medical, surgical, and radiation. A medical oncologist specializes in the medical treatment of cancer using chemotherapy, targeted therapy or immunotherapy, and other medications. A surgical oncologist treats cancer by removing the cancerous tumor and any nearby tissue during surgery. A radiation oncologist treats cancer using radiation therapy.

Average annual salary of an oncologist in 2023: $200,000.

Specialty: Cancer treatment and diagnosis.

Top 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2019

Top 10 Highest Paying Healthcare Professions in 2023

9. Radiologist

It has been estimated that radiologists roughly earn $175,000 on an annual basis.

They use nuclear radiations as a means to treat patients. They are the doctors who read and interpret diagnostic imaging tests like ultrasounds, computed tomography (CT) scans, X-rays, and MRIs.

The role of the radiologist is not confined to one area alone. They even need to take part in unconventional roles like administering radiation to cancer patients and taking part in image-guided therapy.

Radiologists specialize in different parts of the body like chest and cardiac imaging, performing mammograms to screen for breast cancer and abdominal imaging.

Average annual salary of a radiologist in 2023: $185,000.

Specialty: Diagnostic testing and radiation treatments

10. Plastic Surgeons

The profession of a plastic surgeon is dedicated to medical aesthetics.

It has been estimated that plastic surgeons earn approximately $155,000 annually.

They virtually work on any part of the human body from the appearance of the skin to the shape of breasts, torso, and limbs and even external reproductive structures.

While the ultimate objective of a plastic surgery is to do a complete makeover of the patient as per their liking this might surprise you. There are times when reconstructive surgeries are conducted by them to repair damage inflicted on the appearance.

This generally includes implants, liposuction techniques, tissue transfers, and other improvements as desired by the patient.

Average annual salary of a plastic surgeon in 2023: $160,000.

Specialty: Cosmetic procedures


Now that you have gained useful insights into the highest paying healthcare professions in the year 2023 it is time to prepare for the future.

Think about which of these healthcare professions are of your interest and do not forget to let us know which of these healthcare professions you are planning to opt in the year 2023.


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