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How to Set Up a Home Gym

How to Set up a home gym
Written by Collins Nwokolo

When you would rather work out on your own at home instead of dealing with the hustle and bustle of a crowded gym, waiting for your turn on the sweat-stained machines of a traditional commercial gym, creating the perfect home gym is the best solution.Of course, creating a perfect home gym is not that easy if you do not know where to start. Just envisioning what you want it to look like is not enough. Safety is still the utmost crucial factor to consider as well as the durability of the equipment you will include in your home gym or garage gym. However, with so many brands out there and considerations to make, you might feel compelled just to drop the idea and pay those monthly hefty gym fees instead. Don’t. If you want to have your own home gym, below are some of the tips to consider:

How to Set up a home gym

Do Not Buy Equipment That Are Faddish

Often, when creating one’s own home gym, many people – usually good men who are too hasty and not patient enough to do research first, fall into the trap of purchasing overly expensive and yet faddish fitness equipment and filling up a spare room in their home or the garage. After setting all things up, they feel inspired to do some workouts for a few days, maybe snap some photos of how rad their home gym look, and then totally not use the gym they create anymore. They became bored, and they miss showing off their muscles, they are not getting the effects they thought they could get whatever the reason is, this happens so much more than people realize. Ultimately, the equipment goes to their attics, never to see the light of the day again. The reason? They bought some faddish equipment that does not get them the results they need, after breaking a big hole to their wallets too.

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Ab belts? Vibrating dumbbells? Unless you can really imagine yourself using them, ditch them.

Get the Essential Equipment That Can Be Used for Different Exercises 

Instead of the faddish items to crowd your home gym, choose the essentials first, which at the very least, can be used for a whole range of exercises. Examples include a barbell and plate set and some kettlebells. These are some of the must-have equipment in your home gym because they can be used for a wide range of exercise.

Then you can choose one larger equipment that again should be capable of multiple exercises. A tower is an exciting piece of equipment that can be used to perform full-body workouts such as Pilates and Barre. It can be great for toning exercises and upper body workout. It can certainly aid in sculping and strengthen the core muscles you have worked hard to build!

When it comes to brands, the Supreme Toning Tower is a popular choice. It has a heavy-duty construction that guarantees long-term use.

It comes with high resistance coils attached to the table, so it can be effectively used for weight and resistance training. There is a swing thru bar, perfect for sculping and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen, so it will slim down in the long run too. What is nice with this toner is that it can be stored and placed anywhere, with its folding feature. This makes it the perfect equipment for a starter home gym.

See the complete features of the Supreme Toning Tower, read more here.

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No To Bikes and Treadmills, At First Anyway

Instead of the usual treadmill or bike, go for a tower instead. You can opt to run or jump around outside the house if you want cardio, but the tower can offer you the ability to perform intricate workouts right at your home.

However, long, moderate-intensity cardio workouts are not usually necessary to transform one’s body,  so they do not have to be a part of the home gym set-up. Of course, one day you can add treadmills or bikes too, especially if you are ready to foot the electricity bill already!

Get a Sturdy Rack

Instead of letting your barbells, plates, and kettlebells just be scattered around, get a sturdy rack. The last thing you want to is to trip on your own gym. Also, what’s the use of a home gym when it will look like your attic with all the equipment on the floor?

Get the Right Flooring

When it comes to the floor, it is important to choose wisely too. This cannot just be anything. It should be able not just to protect your property but also make sure whatever gym equipment you placed last longer. Also, choose one that can help reduce the sound level. The last thing you want is to bother the other people around the house or your neighbors! Commercial grade foam flooring is recommended.

Sometimes the travel time getting to and from your local gym might even cut you some precious hours of working out, making you tired already before exercising! If you can have your own gym right at the comfort of your home, then not only can you save time, you save a lot of money too – getting the same if not more of the benefits of sweat and exercise. Just remember these tips, and you are good for a starter home gym!

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