Relief from Medical Debt: 6 Options You Need To Consider

Medical Debt Relief: 6 Options You Need To Consider
Written by Collins Nwokolo

When you are facing huge amounts of medical bills, and you don’t really have an idea about what you should be doing, it is definitely one of the best ideas to stuff your bills in your freezer and start pretending that they do not exist at all. However, you need to know that this is not going to help in solving any issues. You can start getting your finances under your control. It is true that you will take some time in order to understand the options that are there. Once you know the different options of clearing your medical bills, you should definitely take advantage of them. According to, healthcare spending in the United States is known to account for almost 18% of the domestic products of the country.

Given below is a list of the best relief options that you have if you are suffering from medical debts.


6 Options You Need To Consider For Medical Debt Relief

Medical Debt Relief: 6 Options You Need To Consider

1. Pay a certain amount of money today

You need to understand that a little money is going to be better than paying nothing at all. If you are not able to pay the complete amount, which you owe, you can call up your doctor or the hospital authorities, and inform them about the total money that you are capable of clearing. You need to know that the doctors, especially the primary care physicians, are going to understand the problem that you are facing.

They are often going to accept the total amount, which you are ready to pay instantly in order to stop them from sending the medical bill to a collection agency. If you find out that the medical bill has been sent to the collection agency already, you can work with the billing officers. Talk to them and discuss the total amount that you can pay, and then you can work out a realistic payment plan.

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2. Make use of online communication

Several people avoid handling their medical bills because they are stressed and worried. Also, they do not want to spend their precious time on hold by listening to elevator music, especially when they are calling to settle the bills. An important way in which you can bypass the hold time is by checking whether you have the option of communicating with the health insurance providers, with the help of their websites. Numerous companies have options of live chat and are going to allow emails, where you can place your questions.

Making use of online communication is not only about avoiding phone calls. It also helps in avoiding any kind of confusion. When you are communicating with the providers through emails or online chat, you are going to work with only a single person. You do not need to explain the situation that you are in, to different agents. Also, there is a chance that your bills will be reduced if you are sticking with a single provider.

It is also much more convenient to lay out the case to a single person without being interrupted. Moreover, you are going to have written records of your interaction, which is going to become handy later on.


3. Considering hiring claims advocate

A certified claims advocate it is going to assist you in dealing with medical debt. If you have the thought that there is a certain error in the bill and you do not trust yourself and believe that you do not have the capability of negotiating, it is always a good idea to hire the claims advocates. A claims advocate is going to help you save a lot of money.

Of course, they are not going to help you for free; you have to give them a certain portion of the money that they have saved for you. However, if you have a professional to help you, it can help in relieving a lot of stress and provide peace, when you are handling the medical debts.

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4. Look into the federal and state programs

Most people do not have the idea that there are a number of state and federal programs, which are designed specifically in order to help people, who are suffering from anxiety due to huge medical bills. Conduct research on the programs of your state and find out if the organizations can assist you. You never know, there is a high chance that you are going to end up with a great relief option.


Medical Debt Relief: 6 Options You Need To Consider

5. Know that each and everything can be negotiated

You need to know that every bill can be negotiated, at least to a certain extent. Certain tips associated with negotiating the medical bills are listed below.

  • Ensure that you are keeping track of all the bills as well as the paperwork of your medical insurance.
  • Conduct research and know the ideal procedures.
  • Ensure that you are proactive and do not forget to contact the office of the doctor as fast as you can.
  • Have knowledge about when it is crucial to hire a professional.
  • Remain realistic and open to the other payment options.

Your whole medical bill definitely cannot be waived, but you have to be realistic about the things that you can accomplish. This is one of the best tips to get out of debt.


6. Considering medical debt consolidation

An important option that can be considered for getting relief from your medical debts is by deciding to consolidate all the bills into a single one so that you do not have to make multiple payments at the end of every month and remain anxious and worried. When you decide to consolidate your medical bills, you will only have to think about a single payment. This is not only convenient but is also going to make you extremely stress-free. You can visit to know more about medical debt consolidation.

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How can you stay on top of your medical debt?

As soon as you have considered these solutions and sorted your medical bills, you should consider the tips that have been listed below in order to manage any medical debt in the future.


Know what you are going to expect:-

Medical bills are always like a surprise. You need to know the total amount that can come as your medical bill after you have met your doctor.

Do not ignore the bills:-

Ensure that you are not ignoring your medical bills because ignoring them is not going to help you in clearing them.


If you know how you can deal with your medical debts, it is not going to be much of a problem. Ensure that you are keeping all these medical debt relief options on your mind so that you can get rid of these problems easily.



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