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How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight Now

How to motivate yourself to lose weight
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Life is all about challenges; we are always bound to meet challenges when we try to achieve a goal. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight because weight loss is not easy. 

Challenges like finding out time to workout, sticking to a diet, or even procrastination can prove to be real stumbling blocks. But if were are to achieve any goal, we need to face and overcome challenges. One of the greatest assets in surmounting challenges is by having motivation.

Motivation helps you endure through challenges and reach your goals, and the same goes for losing weight. How can you motivate yourself to lose weight? In this article, I’ll comprehensively explain to you how to motivate yourself to lose weight. You will see the effective ways you can motivate yourself mentally and physically so that you successfully achieve your goal of losing weight.

8 Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

How to motivate yourself to lose weight

How to motivate yourself to lose weight

If you are wondering how to motivate yourself to lose weight, and also how to sustain your motivation to lose weight, these tips will be of help to you.

1. Write down your plans

I’ve always loved writing, and it is great to express yourself and also an excellent way to motivate yourself. Writing down your plans is a good headstart to pushing yourself to lose weight. It brings out what you have in your head and is similar to talking to yourself, but the main difference is that you get to see what you have said it all the time.

What should you write? First, get a book, then write what you want to do (lose weight). Then write down why you want to lose weight? It may be to look better, to be healthier? Next, write down how you plan to lose weight, obstacles you might encounter, and how you want to overcome and also set a time frame you want to beat. Writing all this down is important; you can go back and reflect on it anytime. But this is just the beginning; you are just getting started.

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2. Examine yourself and your circumstances

The next way is by thoroughly examining yourself and your circumstances. What are your weaknesses? What are you prone to doing that will disrupt your plan to lose weight? Answer these questions and find ways to address any issue. For example, Mila, 20, who weighs 87 kg, says: I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but I discovered that I spent a lot of time on my phone, this deprived of time I planned to use and workout. By understanding ourselves better, we make ourselves much better.

Next, it so examines your circumstances. Do I have kids that need my time? Do I have a full-time job that eats my time? After asking yourself such questions, you find out ways to manipulate your way even in difficult circumstances. No matter how complicated your situation might seem, you can still lose weight even if you work crazy hours. Mila, mentioned above, later examined herself and said this: I decided to use my circumstances to my advantage. Anytime I felt like my using my phone needlessly, I exercised instead, hence I redirected cravings for my phone to time for exercising.


3. Tell some people about your plans

If there is one very efficient way of motivating yourself to do something, it is telling people what you want to do. This can be applied to losing weight. I won’t advise you to tell everyone on social media (although you can if you know you will be comfortable with it). So who can you tell? And what should you tell them? Tell loved ones, parents, spouses, relatives, and siblings. Tell them what you want to achieve and that you’re sure you can do it. They’ll be people who will encourage you, listen to them, and further motivate yourself.


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4. Achieve your weight loss goals mentally

The mind is a very powerful tool, and I’d be at fault if I don’t tell you to use it to motivate yourself to lose weight. The mind is powerful in that it allows you to create mental images of yourself, and the only limit is your imagination. Once you have used your imagination to see yourself achieve your weight loss goals, believe me, you are not far off from actually achieving it, what is left is just the action. This should be done regularly when you feel discouraged or less motivated.

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5. Surround yourself with workout equipment

Making the equipment, you use for working out around you and easily accessible will help you overcome the challenge of unwillingness to workout. How does this happen? First, you see them all the time, and this will remind you to work out if you haven’t done it. Look at the example of Georgina, she says: I kept my treadmill in my living room, where I always frequent every day. Any day that I didn’t workout looking at, it made me feel guilty, and that made me use it. Even when I am bored, I just hop on my treadmill and start working out because it is always right in front of me almost all the time.

You see, it worked for her and will for you. You could alternatively write mantras on large papers and paste it around you.


6. Make your expectations realistic

We are much more likely to end up discouraged when we don’t meet our expectations. For instance, if you plan to lose 20 pounds in two weeks and you don’t meet it, you’d feel like giving up. That’s why you need to make your expectations realistic and achievable. No matter how little progress is, it is still progress.

What about if you don’t meet your expectations, even after setting a small one. Don’t be discouraged! And don’t give up! View it as a challenge and surmount it.

7. Keep a weight loss journal

Another really amazing way to motivate yourself to workout is by keeping a weight loss journal. Writing down your activities, progress, and setbacks will definitely give you the need motivation you need to lose weight fast. Anytime you feel too lazy to workout, remembering that you won’t have anything to write in your journal should spur you to workout.

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Furthermore, writing foods and their calories, you plan to diet with will also help you maintain an organized weight loss plan.

8. Find a weight loss partner

Two heads are better than one right, why don’t you use this ideology to better your chances of losing weight. I’ve regularly mentioned the benefits of having a fitness partner. Well, if you really want to lose weight, this is a great way to do so.

A fitness partner can push you, support you, and inadvertently help you to lose weight. A weight-loss partner can also provide healthy competition that can further motivate you to lose weight. You can go through my article on the benefits of having a workout partner for more information.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight

How to motivate yourself to lose weight


The bottom line is that you need the motivation to achieve your weight loss goal. I’m now sure you know how to motivate yourself to lose weight. And if you follow the ways to motivate yourself to work out, that I listed above, I can assure you that you must succeed. Remember, if you are persistent, YOU WILL GET IT. If you are consistent, YOU WILL KEEP IT!



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