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How To Lose Weight When You Work For Crazy Hours

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How To Lose Weight When You Work For Crazy Hours

Doctors and health practitioners work for more than 12 hours in a single stretch while night workers hit their duty late at night and get free to head home after a long working night. Likewise, other office based workers work from 9 to 5 and needless to say, squeezing in workout sessions to stay in shape can be a true ordeal.
Well, crazy working hours be damned as you need to worry no more! We promise you that after you are done reading this article, you will surely have a few tips up your sleeve which you will be easily able to squeeze in your busy routine for a perfectly swift weight loss journey.

Strategy 1: Begin from your Kitchen
While this tip might have hit your ears once or twice before, nonetheless since it is crucial, it bears repeating!
A true weight loss journey begins from the kitchen. Since you can alter your eating habits and choose healthier meals, your actual fat burning commences when you start consuming healthier treats. If you have crazy working hours, fret not as you can cook your lunch and pack it beforehand at night for the next working day. Moreover, you can purchase and store healthier food choices such as fruits, vegetables, pulses and legumes and cottage cheese instead of ready to cook meals.


Action Plan:

  • Calculate your BMR (minimum calories your body will require to function correctly)
  • Make a week long meal plan and stick to it by cooking in advance and storing food in containers
  • Check and tick mark in your food diary about your meals, caloric count, etc.
  • Workout 5 days a Week
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Working out and dieting go hand in hand for fat loss and nothing else can work better other than cardio initially. For ultimate weight loss, you can either workout as soon as you come home from work or simply workout for 15 minutes at your job.

The idea is to stay consistent and follow a workout routine regardless. Try the ultimate weight loss 15 minute workouts online and try to finish one session a day. These workouts take only 15 minutes but burn calories like anything. Interestingly, try shape up your muscles too, hence perfect for even when you are at work.


Strategy 2: Make a Plan and Track your Results
Just like you are answerable for different assignments at work, you should stay notified about your weight loss progress as well. By noting everything down starting from waking up, such as breakfast calories, water intake, exercise duration, other meal items, etc; you can actually keep yourself motivated throughout.
Furthermore, noting everything will help you keep a track of your progress or if any, you will know about the cheat meals you indulged in.

Strategy  3: Stress Control
Stress is one of the main causes of diseases and it can also adversely affect your behavior, your mood, your thoughts and feelings. Stress is inevitable when you work for a living but managing stress at the right time is crucial. Always remember, nothing is permanent and everything can be fixed.
In addition to this, stress is also bad for your weight gain. Stress leads the body to certain conditions where weight gain is one of the factors. Otherwise, most people start binge eating while stressed, again leading to weight gain.

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Strategy 4: Don’t Skip Meals
You might believe that by skipping meals you will get slim quickly but guess what? Skipping meals is worse. Not only will you eat extra at the next meal to balance the energy levels but by skipping meals, you will be slowing down your metabolic rate. Hence, don’t skip meals!

Strategy 5: Sleep well
Sleeping plays an important role in weight loss and sleeping well can also boost your metabolic rate naturally. Moreover, by allowing your muscles to rest and heal at night, you will allow them to perform better when you workout next.


Strategy 6: Practice simple swaps
Making healthier changes is great and why not start today? Start making one healthier choice from today and notice the difference. If you drink only 6 glasses of water a day, switch it to 10. If you take cheese in your sandwich, go cheese less! Similarly, if you take the elevator, start taking the stairs.

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