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How To Improve Your Posture

How to improve your posture
Maintaining a good posture is essential for a quality healthy life. This is because a when you always have a great posture you can avoid so many bad health conditions later in life.
A good posture is important because:
• It can make feel you feel much more younger.
• Reduce the danger to having unnecessary injuries.
• Prevent you from straining and stressing your joints and muscles.
• Improve your overall health and wellbeing.
Let’s find out the examples of postures that are bad.
How to improve your posture
What are the bad postures

Bad postures are postures that are stresses the body. They usually result from certain muscles stiffening up or shortening while others lengthen and become weak.  This often occurs due to habits that are iterated over a lifetime. However, the truth is many people hardly consider, not to talk of analyzing their posture until they begin to have restricted movement and pain caused by bad posture.
If you want to know if your posture is poor, you should ask someone to tell you if you have the following characteristics:
> Rounded back
> Sagging chest and shoulders
> Protruding head
> Jutted out neck or chinà
> Tilted pelvis and hips
> Collapsed arches in your feet
> An elevated hip or shoulder
> Bent neck
> Slant frame.
Habits that cause poor posture

There are so many everyday habits that can cause bad posture. They are based of varying risk factors or circumstances.
The main factors that cause poor posture include job stress and strain.
Other leading causes are:
• Sustained immobile or static posture for prolonged periods of time.
• Poor posture while sleeping, sitting or standing.
• Muscle and skeletal imbalance.
• Emotions, also affects the state of one’s posture.
• Incorrect procedures used during exercise and sport.
How then can you avoid these habits and improve your posture?.
How to improve your posture

The first and most important step to improving your posture is knowing what habit that causes your poor posture and changing those habits.
There are some habits you can change on your own, while others require seeking help from a friend or professional.
Now let’s go!
How to improve your posture
1. Sit and stand up straight.

The first step is by sitting and standing up straight. First of all, how can you stand up properly? Learn to walk well first. Keep your head straight up, shoulders not drooping, chest wide, eyes looking straight ahead and head in the same position as the neck, not protruding forward.
How about sitting? Firstly, sit on an ergonomic chair. Sit with your back in thesame line as the office chair, use the hand support when necessary, Keep both feet on the ground or foot rest.
2. Regularly change your body’s position.

Remember that one of the causes of poor posture is sustaining a static movement over a long time. This is mainly common among people with office jobs and students. You should regularly vary your bodily position from time to time.
You can stand up, pace around a little bit or occasionally shift your legs and hands.
Even if you’re sitting in a great posture, it’s still important to stand up and stretch, walk around, do a little exercise for a few minutes.
How to improve your posture
3. Sleep properly

You can’t consciously control your posture while you sleep, but you can keep so things in place to have a proper sleep that won’t disturb your posture.
Sleep on a mattress that is firm, so you won’t have any back pain.
Place a flat pillow between your knees to help keep your spine aligned and straight. (that’s if you sleep on your sides).
Make use of a pillow to provide proper support to your head and shoulders.
4. Strengthen your abdomen, back, hips and upper body.
Learn the exercises that will teach you to train your abdominals to hold your pelvis. Some are crunches and knee raises.
Regularly perform lower back stretches. They are very useful in getting rid of back pain.
Additionally you can include workouts that stretch and strengthen your hip muscles. Such as squatting.
Don’t forget to focus on your upper body, your chest and arm. A qualified gym instructor will be very useful in achieving all this.
5. Get help from professionals

To improve your posture you should also inquire help from many specialists that treat and rehabilitate posture related problems, such as a chiropractor, physiotherapist, osteopath or gym instructor.
They are very important in helping you find your neutral alignment. Which can be defined as where your spine is at it’s strongest position and is able to deal with external stress and strain. This is very necessary in dealing with posture problems.
You can also consider visiting a psychologist, if you feel your poor posture stems from emotional problems.
Conclusively, if you want to feel and look better, achieve optimum fitness  lose weight, you should improve your posture now!!!
Thanks for reading!

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