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How to Beat Insomnia and Lose Weight

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How to Beat Insomnia and Lose Weight

Research shows that sleep problems and moodiness may have their source in nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. To get yourself back on track, you need to discover what’s happening in your body
To begin with, we look at insomnia and other sleep problems
The liver and the pancreas are the organs responsible for blood sugar production and regulation. When they are overburdened, blood sugar levels usually drop. Since blood sugar is the principle source of energy for the body, the adrenal glands release stress hormones that send a signal to the liver to synthesize energy from proteins and fats, as a replacement. This stresses the body and affects ordinary sleep if the person is already in bed.
If you’ve just fallen asleep, you might suddenly wake up and find it hard to get back to sleep. These moments of sleep interruption often point to your body responding to blood sugar imbalances. Other symptoms associated with blood sugar deficiency include a frequent urge to urinate, headaches or migraines when you miss meals, coffee or sugar cravings and afternoon sleepiness. 

How to Beat Insomnia and Lose Weight

Why You’re Moody
These symptoms often accompany irritability throughout the day, a fatigue that only food can relieve and other signs of moodiness.
The release of stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) from the adrenal glands into the bloodstream, while aimed at increasing energy, also has the secondary effect of confusing the body, making you irritable and grumpy. Furthermore, stress hormones suppress the production of sex hormones, making it difficult for you to get into the mood for sex. In addition, they immediately suppress food digestion and assimilation processes. In a sense, when cortisol and adrenaline enter the bloodstream, the body prioritizes survival over food processing or sex and reproduction.
If the situation persists the presence of cortisol and adrenaline suppresses production of the thyroid hormone, leading to a general drop in metabolism, a vicious circle that begins the process again. 

How to Beat Insomnia and Lose Weight

What is the solution?

Hypoglycaemia may well be the cause of so many behavioral problems that we witness around the country these days. However, what’s the solution? How best can we deal with the problem?
Scientists have proven that two solutions work best in such situations. Eating the right foods in the right proportions is a great way of solving the problem is one way. Taking certain supplements also ends the difficulty faster and in a more sustainable manner.
Eating right involves avoiding food containing high cholesterol; eating proteins, fats and carbohydrates together and proportionally; and avoiding stressful situation to suppress cortisol and adrenaline production.
Alternatively, supplements can help you achieve the same results you would get with eating right. A good example is Garcinia Cambogia that health guru Dr Oz popularized on his TV show. Garcinia Cambogi (GC) is more popular among weight loss enthusiasts but it also works wonders among sleep deprived people due to its active ingredient. GC contains abundant quantities of hydroxycitric acid (HCA), both in its fruit and supplement form, a useful nutrient that disrupts the stress hormones cycle. 

HCA suppresses the production of enzymes that convert sugar into fat. This has several effects, first, it promotes weight loss because there’s less sugar converted into fat. Second, with sugar levels intact, you can’t suffer hypoglycemia, which causes the cycle that leads to poor sleep. Lastly, with less fat available, the liver and pancreas do not produce bursts of energy that would disrupt your sleep.
The solution to sleep deprivation and insomnia is simple, regulating your blood sugar levels. If you want to solve the problem through nutrition, taking the dietary transformation route is the answer, but if you think supplements will work faster and achieve the same results Garcinia Cambogia is the magical solution.
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