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Hot Bath Or Cold Bath: Which Is Healthier For You?

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Taking our bath daily is something that is very important in maintaining a good personal hygiene. However, it is also essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As we all know almost every bath is taken with either hot water or cold water. Whether you take a hot bath or a cold bath, be aware that your health is being affected, because they both have their separate health benefits.

Today you’ll find out something very interesting, between a cold bath or a hot bath which is healthier for you
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Health benefits of a hot bath
Taking a bath with water at a higher temperature has the following health benefits:
• The number one health benefit you get from taking a hot bath is during cold bouts. It helps in relieving cold and cough.
• A hot bath can help you sleep better (except during a hot weather). It can induce sleep and cure insomnia.
• The hotness aids in clearing nasal congestion.
• A hot bath can also kill harmful microorganisms, which makes it great for a good personal hygiene.
• And lastly taking a hot bath helps in relieving sore muscles and fatigue.
Health benefits of a cold bath
Taking a cool bath at a lower temperature has the following health benefits:
• A refreshing cold bath can help you combat depression as it helps in inducing the release of ‘feel good’ chemicals like beta endorphins.
• A cold bath can give you boost your energy level and give you added vigor. It stimulates your nerve endings to rid you of feelings if tiredness.
• It can boost your lung function tremendously.
• In men a cold bath can increase your testosterone levels and enhance your sexual drive.
Which is healthier for you?
The truth is a hot bath or a cold one are both great for a healthy life. The decision between which is healthier depends on some determining factors such as: habit, season or weather, time of the day, medical condition and age.
Medical condition
For those people with respiratory diseases, cold or lung problems,  a hot bath is healthier for them. Additionally, people with joint pain or muscle problems should take a hot bath.
Meanwhile, for people with liver disorders and gastrointestinal problems, a cold bath is healthier for them. 
Epilepsy patients should avoid both hot or cold bath, because it might trigger their seizure. Instead lukewarm water should be used.
For younger children, a hot water is good for them. But for older ones a cold bath is highly preferable.
This is very basic. During the dry season or summer a cold water bath should be taken. While, during the winter or a cold weather a hot water bath should be taken.
A student that wants study for longer periods should take a cold water bath, because it helps improves alertness. Pouring cold water on your head can also do the trick.
If you exercise habitually, then a hot bath is very much preferable, because it helps relieve sore muscles.
A person who works for long hours and hardly sleeps, should take hot water bath because they help induce sleep.
Time of the day
In the morning a cold bath is general better, in the afternoon a cold bath is also great. But in the night, a hot bath is much more recommend.
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