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What are the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction and Does it Ever Go Away?

Erectile Dysfunction
Written by Collins Nwokolo

A male Erection is a fairly complex process. There’s a lot of moving parts, a lot of things that actually have to work for it happen. So there are your brain, heart, blood vessels, and many other body parts have to work together to achieve a hard erection. Your hormones have to work together and your testosterone levels. A number of different things have to gel for the erection to happen. Let’s take a look at some of the Erectile Dysfunction treatment that it doesn’t happen.

Erectile Dysfunction

Heart Issues

We’re talking about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and arterial plaque sometimes called clogged arteries. These all impede blood flow. This heart issue circulatory issues. Probably account for way better than 90% of ED in Men. There is a number of other issues we’ll get to. But this is probably the primary issue and what happens is that it damages the lining of the blood vessels called the endothelium. The endothelium is unable to produce adequate amounts of nitric oxide for vascular dilation, for the expansion of your arteries in your veins. So that you get proper blood flow because that’s how an erection happens with good blood flow. So heart issue one is to work on.


There are disease prostate cancer if you’ve had surgery and any kind of nerve damage, MS and Parkinson’s disease also nerve damage issue. These things are our potential Cause of ED but a minor. A number of people have ED caused by this as compared to heart disease. Sometimes they could be link to two correlating conditions like diabetes & erectile dysfunction.

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Lifestyle issues kind of go hand in hand with heart issues. Because being very overweight having substance abuse lots of stress in your life, lack of sleep, a really poor diet, all lead to cardiac issues will lead to high blood pressure and high blood sugar — all damage to the lining of your blood vessels causing poor blood flow. So you have lifestyle, you have medical conditions, nerve damage issues, and cardiac issues, circulation issues.

Does Erectile Dysfunction Ever Go Away?

We all have a question, “Does Erectile Dysfunction Ever Go Away?” and what are you going to learn is that it’s not as simple as they want you to believe online. When do I talk to with men ED treatment, a very common question is “how fast can I get this thing gone? If you have a product, how fast will it work?” having ED is ego-bruising and depressing, to say the least. Everyone wants a quick relief, and that’s what scammers are selling. They’re selling this idea that they can make ED go away. They can make erectile-dysfunction disappear. They’re selling an overnight miracle they say “hey take my product it’ll be 25$ again or imply something like that. And you know your wife will be begging you to stop all kind of crazy stuff. And we all want to believe the dream, and that certainly included me. I searched for the miracle until I came to realize that physical repair takes time. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. The online scammers are dressed trying to sell you this idea that just pays them a lot of money, gets on their monthly recurring plan and boom. You’ll be great.

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The way the things is erections work on good blood flow and good blood flow depends on a healthy cardiovascular system. And a healthy cardiovascular system depends on lifestyle changes and supplementation. Lifestyle changes include a healthy diet, good exercise, eliminate stress. If you smoke cigarettes, cut it out. If you drink a lot, cut down. If you’re overweight, get that under control. There is a lot of things going that go on to this. Plus healthy diet, healthy supplementation, and I figured that out, and I started to make the changes that were necessary. But basically, I stopped looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow where I personally did is something called nitric oxide therapy. There are certain products that can aid along the process, you can buy Tadalafil to start a treatment, but you must certainly maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nitric Oxide

For the most part, again, most men have cardiac issues, circulation issues that are causing their ED. I personally use something called nitric oxide therapy. It works great for me, and it works great for the men that I work with. Nitric oxide therapy is a natural way to heal cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It also helps heal the heal complications of diabetes and what we’re talking about it certainly great for erectile function. But that’s a personal choice that what you want to do. What you really want to understand is that erectile dysfunction can go away with the proper methods, with the proper lifestyle changes, with the proper supplementation.

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