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5 Benefits Of LASIK Surgery For People With Astigmatism

Written by Collins Nwokolo
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In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we may be doing more damage to our eyes than we realize. With the long working hours and constant use of technology, we may need to keep our eye health in check. We need every part of our eye to work perfectly for clear vision. Sometimes, the shape of your eye turns into a football and the objects you see start appearing differently. A lot of people tend to worry about whether getting a LASIK surgery with pre-existing astigmatism is the right decision. However, Lasik is the cure for astigmatism. Astigmatism is a typical condition that results in blurred vision. Today we will explore the benefits of LASIK surgery for astigmatism.


Effects of Astigmatism

  • Astigmatism develops due to an irregular shape of the cornea. It can cause cloudy or distorted vision.
  • Some may also face difficulty seeing at night.
  • Squinting and eye strain can be experienced.
  • Some may have to endure eye irritation.
  • You may also get headaches.


Types of Astigmatism

Astigmatism is of three types. If you’re able to picture things well, your cornea is perfectly shaped. However, some people who wear glasses may face some difficulty.

1. Myopic Astigmatism

Being nearsighted in one or both eyes can lead to myopic astigmatism. This is where the light focuses in front of, instead of on the retina.

2. Hyperopic Astigmatism

Being farsighted in one or both eyes can lead to hyperopic astigmatism. This is where the light focuses behind, instead of on the retina.

3. Mixed Astigmatism

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Being farsighted in one eye and near sighted in the other can lead to mixed astigmatism.


Benefits of LASIK Surgery

Benefits of LASIK Surgery For Astigmatism Patients

Lasik surgery is a great way to correct your vision without worrying about enduring any pain. The full meaning of LASIK is laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.

The purpose of Lasik is to rectify errors such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. With just a few steps required, the results are remarkable. It permanently changes the shape of the cornea.


1. Better Vision

Your eyes may take a few months to adjust to surgery, but once they have adjusted, the results should be permanent. Your eyesight changing with age should be the only time a follow-up laser eye surgery is required. Moreover, your night vision is also enhanced.


2. Speedy Recovery

A successful Lasik eye surgery requires 24 hours for a patient to return to their routine.


3. Put Away those Contact Lenses and Glasses

Getting a Lasik surgery done is a one-time investment for improved vision. It may seem like a lot of money spent, but it will save you hundreds of dollars every year on contact lenses and glasses.


4. No Stitches or Bandages

Stitches and bandages are the last things you would have to worry about after Lasik treatment.


5. Increased Confidence

If you’re looking for a change in your appearance, a career switch or are avoiding social gatherings because you wear glasses, Lasik would help you regain that confidence.

Recovery Time
You may experience some discomfort which is absolutely normal and is a part of the recovery process. This slight discomfort is commonly known as ‘eyelash’ in the eye. You should not be alarmed by this feeling. Your doctor would prescribe a bottle of eye drops to you which you should use 3-4 times a day to prevent your eyes from drying. You may also be asked to refrain from swimming, soaking yourself in a hot tub and wearing eye makeup for some time.

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Going through a Lasik surgery may seem pretty demanding, but will change your life and your ability to see. You could go back to playing your favorite sport without having to worry about putting on and taking off your corrective lenses. Moreover, Lasik is a great solution for athletes. If you’re all ready to go on a holiday, it can take your trip in an awful direction since you regularly have to worry about packing your glasses and contact lenses.



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