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5 Useful Health Benefits of Swimming

Health benefits of swimming
Written by Collins Nwokolo

Our world is surrounded with water. We need water to stay healthy, both if we drink it or swim inside it. Swimming is a healthy activity that can help your overall well-being. It is a low-impact physical activity that has a lot of physical and mental health benefits.

Singapore people are a complete fan of swimming irrespective of their age limits. The crystal clear cool water pools serve as a complete bliss for the Singaporeans to beat the summer heat with ultimate relaxation. Singapore has got plenty of leading swimming agencies among which swimming lessons agency is one of the best choices. So, what makes Singaporeans so much interested in swimming? It’s because of the following five health benefits of swimming.


5 Useful Health Benefits of Swimming

Health benefits of swimming

1. Ensures a complete workout

Swimming ensures a complete physical workout of our body by toning our muscles, improving body strength, balancing weight, and maintaining proper heart and lungs functioning. The amount of hard work your body permits to have in land-physical exercise is twice when it comes to water. The swimming strokes burn more calories and help in quick fat loss. Thirty minutes of swimming is equivalent to 45 minutes of land workout.


2. Develops mental fitness

Swimming is not just for physical fitness but also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. As per the health researchers, 30 minutes of swimming w days in a week helps in reducing the stress level, lowers depression, elevates mood, increases self-esteem, makes you social and bring complete satisfaction to your soul. This is due to the active endocrine sections during swimming, which helps in healthy blood flow to your brain, bringing positivity and mental well being.

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3. Improves Sleep Pattern

Majority of adults face sleep problems or suffer from serious insomnia due to anxiety, stress, and depression. Swimming is one of the best medicines to beat insomnia as it burns around 350 to 420 calories in an hour, making you feel tired. The cooling effects of water combined with the utilization and stretching of almost all body muscles helps in providing relaxation and biochemical changes in the brain which along with tiredness brings happiness to your mind and hence helps in a deep sleep.


4. Increases energy

Another fascinating health benefits of swimming is that it increases energy. Swimming is one of the most intense workouts yet fun. A vigorous swimming activity for about 20 to 30 minutes in a day helps in solving your breathing problems, increasing the cardiovascular function of heart and lungs with increased blood flow. So, as the lungs in the process intake more oxygen to your body, the physical stamina increases, and hence you feel energetic and relaxed after a good swimming session. It increases the capacity of your lungs for oxygen intake and keeps you healthy.


5. Lowers Diseases

Swimming helps in lowering the risks of a variety of diseases like type 2 diabetes. As per doctors, 30 minutes of continuous breaststroke releases 900 calories reducing the risks of both type 1 and type 2- diabetes. It also maintains blood pressure and cholesterol level reducing the risk of heart attacks. Apart from these, it helps in making your joins and ligaments flexible, preventing risks of arthritis, and also helps in keeping the human brain healthy.

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