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10 Awesome Ways Music Helps You Get Healthy

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Music is wonderful, It doesn’t just sweeten our ears with voices from our favorite artists or catchy beats from a DJ. It does much more. Music benefits our mental, emotional and physical health.
Today you will learn 10 mind blowing ways music helps you get healthy. So let’s move.



10 ways music helps you get healthy

Everyone listens to music. We always feel happy hearing the latest tune that’s trending. But do we gain a lot more than that?


1. Makes you exercise better

Music is like a natural fuel to a better exercise. When you play up your favorite hits when you are working out, you feel more motivated and active. The kind of music that actually does this are mostly electronic dance music, with fast and loud beats. This is very basic. The fast music you listen to while we exercise pummels you to workout faster and better. It also increases the duration of time you spend engaging in physical activities.



2. Relieves stress and anxiety

  You must have probably had that time you felt very stressed out after doing so much work. Or when you feel so anxious when you decide to speak to your crush that day. In both cases you found out that listening to music helped you, right?
There is a science to this, our brain releases biochemical secretion that reduces stress levels. This secretions are triggered by listening to music. When this secretions are released, they give you the same feel as being massaged by your crush(simple science). It also reduces the activities of the biological stress makers in the body.

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3. Helps you perform better under duress
Now suppose you are actually talking to your crush and you didn’t listen to some of one direction or john legend hits for inspiration. You are going to flop like Torres.
How does music concentration help one perform better under duress? A recent study of basketball players showed that does who listened to music often and before games perform better at big games. It is also proven that music improves the part of the brain that is involved in decision making.
4. Boosts memory and concentration

  So now you crammed this amazing pickup line, you wanted to use on your crush but you forgot some parts. So bad. Music boosts the brain’s memory retention and also sharpens concentration. Some students prefer to read along with music when they are about to take a big test. The effect listening to music has on the brain doesn’t end there. It also improves our use of verbal and visual skills.


5. Improves Cardiovascular function

  When you listen to music, your blood vessels functions more actively. More blood is pumped to your brain and other vital organs. This makes you happier and healthier. Its also strengthens the heart.


6. Makes you happier and reduces depression
You feel happier when you listen to music that you like. We all know that. But why is that so? Well in certain centers of the brain, hormones are secreted that causes the feeling of relaxation and joy example is dopamine. I mentioned something like that in one of my article.  Thus hormones are triggered when you listen to that music that you so love. They give you bursts of joy. Feelings that might be compared to sex, taking drugs or getting high.


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7. Enhances  your immune system

  Music does something mind blowing. It boosts your immune system and helps you recover faster from bouts of diseases. How come? In a university study, that was carried out by taking samples of the IgA of four groups of students. IgA is a very important antibody in the immune system. Infact it’s the body first line defense mechanism ( no wonder it has A). The four groups were exposed into four conditions. They would each listen to soft music, tone clicks, radio broadcast and silence. The IgA was taken before and after thirty minutes. The group that listened to music had an increase in IgA levels. Wonderful indeed!


8. Reduces the intensity of pain

Music reduces the pain we feel, whether its physical or emotional. Music is a natural and cheap analgesic. It eases the effects of pain by controlling our mind to make the pain feel abstract (meet the shaolin masters for more info). But yes music actually reduces pain. This is mostly used in geriatric and palliative medicine i.e medicine that involves treatment if people suffering from pain.


9. Makes you sleep better

  After you must have rejected by your crush and embarrassed, you might find it difficult catching some sleep.
Music is the best cure for troubled sleep. I’m talking about soft, soothing music. It is an effective natural treatment for insomnia patients. It doesn’t just make you sleep off. It will give a perfect and restful sleep.


10. Helps surgery and stroke patients

  You might have stroke after being rejected from your crush. Just kidding.
Music has been proven to help patients undergoing surgery to prepare and as well recover from the surgical process.
It is also an astonishing treatment for stroke. The author of the book ,power of music wrote of a girl who had lost her speech from stroke but got better through music therapy.

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Thanks for reading. I hoped you learned something today. Please comment on what you think.

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